• Version: 1.5
  • Développeur: Nice Games
  • Français: oui
  • Taille: 5.00 MB
  • License:Gratuit
  • Les Systèmes: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95
Le jeu classique réinventé en 3D pour un plaisir supplémentaire

Who doesn’t love Pacman? This classic game was developed by the popular game developing company, Namco, in 1980. The game was distributed in the US by Midway after it was first released back in Japan. Believe it or not, the game to this day is as popular as ever. It is more of an arcade game where you have to collect tiny little yellow balls without being captured by the ghosts who try to corner you inside a maze.
3D Pacman basically has the same plot but the graphics have improved tremendously and now you can play the 3D version of it with a couple of extra features and items. The new version has new mazes and more levels which you can play on. The game requires you to use a bit of trickery to avoid being cornered by those pesky little ghosts who you can only defeat by eating the big yellow balls that are spread over the maze.
Getting to those big balls or pills requires tricking the ghosts into thinking you are going one way but then you suddenly change course and head in another direction, gaining a head start before the ghosts catch up to you.
All in all, a wonderful game designed to be played by anyone.


3D Pacman

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3D Pacman
5.00 MB